Fast & Easy GTD Planning for Palm

Ninerpad may be the simplest and most efficient program for planning your day on a Palm OS PDA.

Spend less time entering tasks, organizing them, and setting their action triggers, and get more of it for actually getting things done.


  1. Sketch ideas, todos, and notes in fast, smooth, variable-width ink.
  2. Tag them, file them, and set reminder actions and alarms for them.
  3. Later, export them to GIF for sharing or integration with other devices and platforms.


  • (almost) unlimited canvas, cuz size matters
  • fast, smooth, variable-width ink is pretty
  • folders, as many as you'll need
  • tags, as many as you'll want
  • reminder actions: procrastinating is fun
  • queries, to find things now
  • filing, cuz everything has a place
  • folder favorites, to get there fast
  • search favorites, to find them fast
  • multiple workspaces, cuz we all multitask
  • GIF export, cuz no PDA is an island